Trendy Men’s Waistcoat Pakistan for Ethnic Look

Kurta Shalwar Styling for Men

Men’s waistcoats are the most talkative yet chic garment considered for a male wardrobe. A designer waistcoat for men adds an elegant touch to your normal casual kurta shalwar. It is hard to find a reliable, long-lasting, and trustworthy brand for men’s waistcoats. However, Posh Notch has introduced a vast range of premium quality, incredible designs, solid colors in the tropical fabric to let you achieve the perfect look for all your casual, formal, and ultra-formal gatherings and occasions.

Importance of Waistcoats

The waistcoats have a royal history following the causal, formal, and traditional ethnic look. The mens waistcoats are still in fashion. Especially, black waistcoat, grey waistcoat, navy blue waistcoat; these waistcoats are great in demand and ideal to steal the show. Wear offbeat look for the debonair men’s waistcoat styles to complete the tardiest style for the kurta shalwar.

Kurta Shalwar Styling for Men’s Waistcoat

Kurta shalwar is the one fundamental attire of eastern men’s clothing and popular for ages. Traditional occasions cannot be completed without the kurta pajama and shalwar kameez. While observing the styles in the eastern wear collection, the designers and fashion houses have offered the latest styles in men’s waistcoats. Men make major mistakes while dressing up with the ethnic waistcoat and kurta shalwar. Posh Notch allows the wearer to pair up the perfect kurta shalwar with the perfect waistcoat for better results. Let’s read about them.

mens waistcoat

Men’s Waistcoats Styles with Kurta Shalwar

There are a number of designs in waistcoats to let you look beautiful and graceful. While combining the kurta shalwar with waistcoats, we see the following combinations.

1. Grey Waistcoat White Kurta Shalwar

Whenever we talk about the national events, we see that a grey waistcoat with a band collar and buttons on the front, along with black piping, goes well with the plain white kurta shalwar. If you want to add style and more formality to your dress, then add an electric blue kurta shalwar along with a black pocket square. Complete the ethnic styling by wearing the Peshawari chappal.

2. Black Waistcoat with Brown Kurta Shalwar

The simple casual style kurta shalwar in blue and brown are the most popular in men. However, the cotton and wash & wear fabrics are ideal and super comfy throughout the year. For a festive look, wear a cotton churidar pajama with the brown cotton kurta shalwar. This dressing will help to achieve a neat and clean look. Complete the look with the black waistcoat. It will also look good in lava grey kurta shalwar and moss green kurta shalwar.

3. Navy Blue Waistcoat with Blue Kurta Shalwar

Blue is all men’s favorite color which does not only look good on them but also gives a cool vibe to the people in their surroundings. Navy blue waistcoats and midnight blue waistcoats are well suited with the blue kurta shalwar. The navy blue waistcoats look beautiful and allow the wearer to try on white kurta shalwar with them to enhance the party look.

navy blue waistcoat

4. Creamy Waistcoat with Maroon Kurta Shalwar

Maroon is a royal color, to get a great and ethnic look. Different colors of the mens waistcoats with a classic yet plain design look great on lovely on maroon kurta shalwar. Grey waistcoats and gold waistcoats also go well with this color but black waistcoat doesn’t look good.

Maroon is a royal color, to get a great and ethnic look. Different colors of the men’s waistcoats with a classic yet plain design look great lovely on maroon kurta shalwar. Grey waistcoats and gold waistcoats also turn out well with this color but the black waistcoat doesn’t look good.

5. Purple Waistcoat with Off White Kurta Shalwar

Men’s desire to get a unique look in simple kurta shalwar design. Off-white kurta shalwar design looks exceptional when paired up with a dark purple waistcoat and black waistcoat. White kurta shalwar is more elegant and crisp in style.

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