Top Online Grocery Shopping Sites

Online Grocery Shopping

Bangladesh’s e-commerce section began to rise from 2012 after the internet became more accessible, and electronic gadgets became cheaper. Now, instead of going to grocery stores, people prefer to shop online.

Usually, people would have to wait in line and visit multiple stores to buy the proper grocery items they needed. After introducing some ecommerce-based platforms, grocery shopping has become easy, convenient, and fun.

According to some statics, Internet usage in Bangladesh as of 2019 was estimated to be over 96 million. Seeing such a massive userbase many businesses are shifting towards online-based platforms to sell their products. In this article, we will be going over some of the popular online grocery stores in Bangladesh.

Chef Cart

With its unique and excellent service, Chef Cart has gained a lot of popularity and success in a brief period. They managed to make online grocery shopping very easy and enjoyable by providing a well-structured, easy-to-visit website and simple payment process. They have a massive inventory of grocery products and cookware. Their product categories are Baby Care, Baking, Beverages, Cooking, Event and Props, Fruits and Vegetable, Personal Care, Health and Nutrition, Home and Cleaning, Home Essentials, Meat and Fish. New products are being added every week, and currently they have over 900 different types and brands of products.

Chef Cart promises never to miss any delivery. They offer cash on delivery for all of their products and the delivery charge is free. You can check the product yourself to see if it is the right product or not and wish to make the payment. Their other payment methods include Bkash, Debit Card, Paypal and MasterCard.

Before sending the products, their quality control team will check each item for its authenticity and only then the items are delivered.


Daraz doesn’t only provide groceries. It also sells various other types of products. Daraz was founded in 2012 by Muneeb Maayr and Farees Shah. Initially, it was a Pakistani fashion e-commerce-based marketplace but later changed to the general marketplace. Alibaba acquired Daraz group in 2018 and since then, the CEO of the company is Bjarke Mikkelsen. The main market of Daraz is Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

Similar to Chef Cart, Daraz provides almost all types of grocery products that you will need daily. All products will be delivered through Daraz express, which is their own shipping service. It also provides a free shipping facility.

Its parent company, Alibaba, announced that it would invest TK 500 crore by 2021 to set up their logistic infrastructure and hubs.


MeenaClick is the online store for Meena Bazar. They usually sell grocery products in higher societies of Bangladesh. Seeing the rise in online grocery shopping, they have decided to create an online presence. MeenaClick’s product categories include Baby care, baking & snacks, beauty & hygiene, beverages, dairy, fish, fresh fruits & vegetables, household & cleaning, and a few more. They also provide pet foods. And charge 40 TK for delivery but you can collect your products from their store, which is free. They also offer free delivery if you have purchased products costing more than Tk 400. Meena Bazar is owned by the Gemcon group, which was established in 1979.


Shwapno was launched in 2008 and it is operated by ACI logistics. They have over 60 outlets across Bangladesh. Shwapno was recognized as the best retailer brand in the country in 2016. They were awarded jointly by Bangladesh Brand Forum and Kantar Millward Brown. They serve more than 32 thousand customers every day in their retail store. According to them, they feed over 150,000 families every month. They have recently created their online store to increase their customer reach. They sell all sorts of grocery items starting from raw foods to packaged products.


Evaly is a general-purpose store that sells a wide range of products of different categories. They have a good collection of grocery products. Evaly’s grocery categories include baking, fresh fruit & vegetable, dairy products, breakfast, beverages, frozen foods and many more. Evaly was founded in 2018 by Mohammad Rassel. The company’s sales figure is close to that of Daraz. They claim to have earned an estimated amount of Tk 230 million in July-August of 2019. They provide service in many regions of Bangladesh and plans to expand it further. Their sites visitor count is around 15 thousand per month without any special offers or events.


Chaldal was founded by Waseem Alim, Zia Ashraf and Tejas Viswanath in 2013. This is a startup company and in 2015, it was ranked 9th in the world’s best 500 startups. They have also received E-business of the year title by Daily Star in 2017. The company is headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Like every other grocery shop in this list, chaldal also provides all the essential grocery products available in the market. If you purchase products over Tk 300, your delivery charge will be only Tk 10 per order.


Online grocery shopping has made our life much easier. We can now stay home and get groceries at our doorsteps. High competition in this sector is also resulting in better customer service. Companies often come with various offers and price cuts to gain customer trust. It is estimated that over 25 thousand small and big businesses have shifted towards an online platform to sell their products in Bangladesh.

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