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the beginning after the end

What’s going on everyone today I got some great news for you guys because if you are avid readers of the beginning after the end webcomic. You would know that season three has officially ended today and I figured that we’re going to be waiting. At least you know a few months to find out when season four is going to drop. What we’re looking forward to yadda however on the official site. Where I read the webcomic that came out with the release date for season four. What we’ll be looking forward to on chapter one of season four so this is gonna be great um we didn’t expect this news

I definitely didn’t expect this news so soon and I’m gonna be going into all the details. That we have for season four to date and also the release date as well. So, if you’re looking forward to season four information this is going to be the one-stop place to get all the information to date and remember to stay tuned to the end. Because I’m gonna be talking about something I’ll be adding to the blog to spice it up. If you guys are really big enough for the fans, you’re gonna want to read this news. So, yeah without all the way let’s not waste any more time. Let’s get straight alrighty so season three has officially ended and on the latest chapter in the comments section. The author officially announced that season four is going to be coming out on January 1st, 2021.

The Beginning after the End season 3

Here you can check the beginning after the end season 3.

Guys this is insane like I thought it’s gonna be at least half a year to just get news. Let alone the release of season four. So, they are not messing around like they’re pushing this out. They’re also saying they’re working really hard for season four. So, they’re going to be adding a lot, and what we’re going to be looking forward to no filler. Nothing first chapter of season four straight to Cyrus academy. We’re diving deep into that man because if you guys are like me. I was a little hurt that we didn’t get any information about Cyrus academy. A lot of you guys were looking forward to it as well. I really wanted to get into it was really built up and there’s just a lot of things.

We want to see like art scene Lucas again art meeting with the teachers. He’s going to react to other people like the battle between the princess. There’s so much but we’re going to find out on January 1st, 2021 so this is going to be great. The author announced that if you guys do not want to wait. The webcomic to come out on January 1st, 2201. You just want to get straight into season four. There’s a way for you guys to do that you could read the light novel. He stated on chapter 124 that’s where it’s the beginning of season four and onward. If you guys want to read from the light novel from where we left. The latest chapter of 85 of the beginning after the end goes to chapter 124 on the light novel.

The beginning after the end novel season 4

If you guys want to do that please feel free your boy. I was debating about doing that. Because I thought I’m going to be waiting at least half a year to get news. Then probably another few months for it to come out. We’re getting this so soon so for me I’m going to be waiting. I’m going to hold tight when I stick to my guns and stay true to just reacting to the webcomic. And not jump ahead with the light novel because it’s just around the corner. The boy could wait so yeah look forward to that January 1st, 2021 I’ll be reacting to season four. The beginning after the end and it’s going to be a great time and I can’t wait.

the beginning after the end characters

I’ll be starting with the webcomic and then I’ll react to the light novel. So, each chapter that comes out from the webcomic. I will continue reacting to the light chapter of the corresponding chapter. What we were missing that might be in the webcomic vice versa. It might be in the light novel that’s not in the webcomic. You know just share that information with you guys. Because I know some of you guys are specifically only reading the webcomic. You guys will probably want to know all the information you want to get. If the webcomic leaves anything out so yeah feel free to look forward to that on season 4 January 1st, 2021.

The Beginning After The End volume 6

Light Novel released

If you guys do read the light novel just make sure to not expect the light novel to be exactly like the webcomic. Just like in season three the author added fillers without any warning or anything. He added different things and it didn’t go exactly like a light novel. I’ve been reading the light novel they do leave some things out.

The authors sometimes add certain things and events to the story that’s not even in the light novel. So, just keep that in mind when you look forward to the webcomic of season 4 releasing. if you’re on the light novel sign so yeah I just want to share that with you guys and please look forward to that. It’s going to be great and man I just can’t wait because we’re going to be straight into Cyrus academy. We’re going to see art Elijah Tessie the princesses battling you know for a boy art. The chat himself the baby gin woo going into school causing calamities. I can’t wait literally so please look forward to that it’s going to be great.

the beginning after the end 80

You can find all the reactions on this blog so please mind if you guys are new to the post.  I’m telling you this will be the best place to be to get that daily duster heat especially. If you love the beginning after the end because I’ve been reacting to this for so long. It’s only going to keep on going all gas no breaks. I hope you guys all have a phenomenal day or night wherever you guys are from. And remember don’t stop leveling up savvy net signing out you.

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