Best Businesses to Buy in Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 5 Story Mode

Best Businesses to Buy in Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 5 Story Mode

Whether you are a new player or a seasoned veteran, you will need to know how to buy businesses in GTA 5’s story mode. It is important to note that there are several different ways to do this.

Vehicle warehouse

Purchasing a Vehicle Warehouse is one of the more enlightening endeavors to embark upon. The Vehicle nexus will reward you with 8 Special Vehicle spaces, a cool 40 vehicle spaces, and a handy albeit pricey SecuroServ app in the CEO office. It’s also a good way to rack up the points. You’ll need to get there on foot, though, if you want to cash in on the glitz.

While you’re at it, you might as well take a peek at the latest entrant in the fleet: the snazzy new Police station. This has the distinction of being the first of its kind in the game. It’s also one of the cheapest and shortest ways to rack up the points. This is a good time to snag a new partner for the aforementioned nexus, and see who’s on your team. If you have a plethora of mates, the odds are good that your clan will be able to do this in style. Alternatively, you could snag a few mates and hit the road. The key is in identifying which mate is best suited to your needs. In the meantime, snag some swag and wrangle a few buddies for a day at the park.

Cinema hall

Several features in Grand Theft Auto 5 are worthy of mention, but one of the best is the cinema hall. The cinema itself is a slick re-imagining of the famed Fox Bruin Theater in Los Angeles. Among its many perks is a parachute to land a helicopter on the roof. It also happens to be one of the most lucrative assets in the city, earning a whopping $132,000 a week. It’s not difficult to see why. Its proximity to downtown Vinewood and its relative privacy from the mob make it a natural destination for rogue cops and robbers.

In the Grand Theft Auto 5 world, there are numerous ways to spend your hard-earned cash. The most expensive option is the Tivoli cinemas, which you can unlock by completing the game’s Nervous Ron mission. While the price tag is hefty, the cinema hall’s offerings are well worth it. Its plethora of options include a hangar, a fancy looking cinema, and a handful of docks for boats and jets. In the end, you get to decide for yourself, if your wallet is tight or you are willing to go the distance.

There are a slew of other cinemas that have been scattered throughout the city, but if you’re not into crime you might want to avoid the area altogether. In addition to the Tivoli, you’ll find three others that are worth a visit.


Buying a Bunker in GTA Online can help you increase your income. It’s an underground business that lets you sell weapons, craft weaponized vehicles, and research military products. You can also assign employees to production. You can even customize your Bunker for decoration and profit.

The standard Bunker generates one research unit every five minutes. If you fully upgrade your Bunker, it will generate a research unit every 3.5 minutes. It can also produce a special gun upgrade such as anti-armor rounds.

A fully upgraded Bunker can make up to $90k per hour. In addition, it can increase passive income. It will also generate more income because it has more staff.

For a full-upgraded Bunker to be profitable, it must have a full slate of supplies. These supplies can be sold for $750,000. The standard supply lasts for about 1 hour and 40 minutes. However, if you have a bigger group, you can earn an additional 20 supplies.

The main thing to keep in mind when buying a Bunker is the location. You can purchase a Bunker in eleven different locations in San Andreas. The south is the most expensive, so if you’re looking to maximize profits, try to buy a Bunker in the north.

When buying a Bunker, you will need to complete a few delivery missions first. Once you’ve completed the first mission, you can purchase the supplies you need for your Bunker. You will then need to deliver the goods to the buyer.

Smoke on the Water

Buying the Smoke on the Water in GTA 5 isn’t as easy as picking it up from the trunk of your grandpa’s car. But, as with most business opportunities, a degree of planning and patience will go a long way towards acing this GTA 5 business. The best place to start is with a visit to the nearest sexiest neighbor. With a price tag of $204,000, the Smoke on the Water isn’t exactly cheap. But, the rewards are worth the cost. The best time to shop around for deals is during business hours. And, as with most things in GTA 5, a good network of friends and associates will do wonders for your morale.

Stock market assassination missions

Assassination missions in GTA 5 are a great way to earn cash in the game. The best part is, the money you earn can be used for purchasing expensive properties or businesses. It is also an opportunity to get rid of corrupt jurors.

To start earning money, you need to complete the five Stock Market Assassination Missions. You can find these on the map with the green “L” symbol. Each assassination mission will involve investing in the company and selling at a specific time.

To earn money, you need to invest in two different types of stocks: BAWSAQ and LCN. Both of these types of stocks rise in price immediately after the assassination mission. They peak around 24 hours after the mission, then decline. When they bounce back, they will be at a higher percentage. The maximum return is 80%. Then, you can sell them for an instant profit.

To complete the Assassination Missions, you need to purchase shares of Facade (FAC), Betta Pharmaceuticals (BET), Redwood (RED), and Bilkinton Research (BIL). You should also buy a few shares of LCN. LCN is a network of companies that fluctuate every in-game business hour.

After the assassination, the Bilkinton Research share price starts to recover. The stock will mature to its pre-assassination level in 72 in-game hours. Then, it can be sold anytime after the next Monday.

Before you buy any stock, you need to make sure you have enough money to buy everything in the game world. You need at least $2,100,000,000 in your bank account.

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